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Acting Reel

Voice Over Demo

Recorded at Cerny American Creative.


"Babe Botrelle, played by Margaret Grace Lee, is a bit of a conundrum and complex, and Margaret Grace Hee doesn’t try to resolve this but put it on display for the audience to figure out.   Margaret doesn’t necessarily try to get you to like Babe, which makes the audience think, and the character all the more interesting to watch." - Kelli Fleitas

"Babe’s childlike demeanor is portrayed with excruciating but rib-tickling authenticity by Margaret Grace Hee in what I deem one of the best Bay Area performances of the season." - Woody Weingarten 


"Margaret Grace-Hee as Babe is masterful as she slides  from indifference to semi-insanity ." - Kedar K. Adour


"One of the great things about a packed house for a good show is that moment during the bows when you can look back across the rows and see everyone’s glowing appreciation. The night I saw E​nter Your Sleep​, several members of the audience were overcome by emotion, but during the applause everyone offstage and onstage seemed radiant." - New York Theatre Now


"It could be that I enjoyed lead actress Margaret Grace as Arianna. Grace plays mousy and sweet with an undercurrent of frazzled tragedy clouding her unconfident smile, which is perfect for portraying a lonely hairdresser with a dark past." - Culture Crypt

"The character of Arianna, played by Margaret a very intriguing woman. She's odd, weird, and mousy. But has a "cuteness" to her as well."- Horror Movies and Stuff


"Arianna provides a solid lynchpin for everything to surround. You feel her fear and anxiety every second of the way until her escape from the past ends in a malicious exhale." - Jarod Mobarak Design


"There he meets Belle (an incredible performance by the lovely Margaret Grace). O’Neill gives her one scene as well, but this is a scene that is worth the price of the ticket."- Around the Town Chicago, Al Bresloff

"Weisman, with great energy, wit and comic truth, winningly captures Richard’s frustrations and ridiculousness — both in the low-down debauchery scene that unfolds in a local hotel of ill repute where he encounters Belle (Margaret Grace plays the fetching little prostitute)." - Sun Times, Heidi Weiss

" In a cunning comic turn, Margaret Grace bubbles over as a tart-tongued floozie who gives Richard a swell lesson in why Muriel is a much better deal. Their very unromantic tryst, a once-painful incident now softened by memory, is a vaudeville gem worthy of the Orpheum circuit."- Steady Style Chicago, Lawrence Boomer

"Teased by his family and rejected by Muriel, Richard drowns his sorrows in the arms of a bottle-blonde tart named Belle (a subtly conniving Margaret Grace), who informs him that $5 will buy her time but it won’t reform her." - Daily Herald, Barbara Vitello

Margaret Grace​ Hee
Director, Teaching Artist and Actress

"The function of art is to use beauty to set the world right." - Du Bois

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

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